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Parikh & Prasad, PC’s practice is exclusively focused on U.S. immigration law. The field of U.S. immigration law is complex and constantly changing, and for this reason, our firm makes every attempt to simplify the immigration process for our clients. We believe that our success is inextricably tied to the success of our clients.

Our partners bring valuable experience in the areas of nonimmigrant and immigrant visa petitions, including PERM Labor Certifications, National Interest Waivers, Employment-Based First Preference Multinational Executive and Managers, Aliens of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors and Researchers, O-1, E-1 and E-2, E-3, K-1, and EB-5 Investor Visa.

Parikh & Prasad team strives to simplify the path to immigration for every individual who desires to make the United States home. Our firm partners with you to develop strategies that resolve your legal issues and provide professional advice to help you navigate the complex world of U.S. immigration laws. At our firm we’re passionate about our work and are committed to providing high quality services to all of our clients.

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Immigration Law

EB5 -Investor Visa

EB5 -Investor VisaThe EB5 process is commenced when the investor files a petition, Form I-526, with the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). The petition and supporting documentation must demonstrate EB5 eligibility. The investor invests a specific amount (1million or 500K USD) in a new commercial enterprise. After approval, initially you receive a green card with a validity of 2 years. A conditional permanent resident receives a green card valid for 2 years. In order to remain a permanent resident, a conditional permanent resident must file a petition to remove the condition during the 90 days before the card expires.

Non Immigrant Law

H-1B, L-1A, L-1B, O-1, R-1, E-1, E-2, E-3


PERM Labor Certification, EB-1A, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4, EB-5, NIW, Employment-Based and Family-Based Adjustment of Status


Application for Naturalization, Application for Certificate of Citizenship


Affirmative Asylum, Derivative Asylum


Release from ICE Custody, Defensive Asylum, Cancellation of Removal and Adjustment of Status, Witholding of Removal, Administrative Closure, Termination of Proceedings

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Words From Clients

  • I consulted with Mr. Prasad when our labor certification program stalled. Mr. Prasad skillfully addressed and successfully resolved the strenuous statutory requisites. Mr. Prasad is fully in sink with government protocol and client representation discipline.

    Charles, CEO
    Kartago, Inc. (Propulsive and Environmental Technologies)
  • Best Immigration Lawyer. I took the help of Rajesh Prasad to handle my complex I-140 RFE response and their work ethic, knowledge and commitment was excellent. I also engageded them for my Green Card filing (I-485) and it was the same outcome. What impresses me more is that they are always willing to go extra mile and be available to answer your questions apart from the knowledge and expertise they bring in. I would highly recommend them for any immigration issues and I am confident that you will receive the best services as well as the commitment.

  • I retained Attorney Rajesh (Raj) to handle my EB-2 National Interest Waiver case. He patiently explained the entire process, skillfully prepared my petition, and submitted the petition according to my timeframe. My petition was approved without any issues. I will gladly recommend Raj’s legal services to my family members and friends.

    Dr. Arora
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